Our Story

My first 100% wool baseball cap was more than just a hat. It was my childhood: stickball games at P.S. 29 in Staten Island, hot dogs at Shea Stadium, bottom of the ninth, bases loaded.

It was a Montreal Expos hat. Truth be told, I wasn’t even an Expos fan—I pledged my allegiance to the Mets, and when I brought that Expos hat home I knew my Grandpa Frank would be bummed I wasn’t flying our flag. But the Mets hat in the store that day wasn’t 100% wool. It didn’t have the same texture or vibrancy of the Expos hat. I didn’t feel like wearing it all day and sleeping in it at night.

I wore that Expos cap for years. When it came time to finally buy a new one, I realized I couldn’t find that quality wool hat anymore. Stores carried only cheap, acrylic-wool blend reproductions made overseas. Gone were the days of the 100% wool, single line Sports Specialties hats the athletes wore on draft days and coaches rocked on the sidelines. I wanted to go back to that—a simpler hat from a simpler time.

So my journey began. I searched for the best wool I could get my hands on and landed on the highest quality, 100% Merino Worsted Wool. This wool was destined to become a ball cap. Then I sought out the finest headwear manufacturer in the United States and found the perfect match, deep in a historically rich region of the Northeast.

I couldn’t find the hat I grew up wearing in my neighborhood, so I made my own and Hood Hat was born. Expressing the essence of your neighborhood’s culture, Hood Hat embraces the legacy of a lost tradition when handcrafted and American-made reigned supreme. You can’t wait to wear it and you won’t want to take it off. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Never Leave It Behind,